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Since his death one friend , Diya Lan some nike nfl jerseys froze for a moment , put away three "Star Ray" to the rock, hoarse voice and said: " What do you want ? " " Uncle first discussion point for the interest ! " Shiyan face, such as ice , came grazing beside the corpse figure , carrying a dagger in the figure , animal husbandry blood belly cut open a hole , the first two " star Ray" to go into , and carefully put the "Seven Snakes saliva " smear on it, then gently turn over the figure , animal husbandry , and put him back into the air on the ground. "People are curious , while fangs mercenary group of people came to see this kind of figure , animal husbandry , animal husbandry, surely someone could not turn over the diagram look at the situation , ' Star Ray' shock will explode , you say Figure after the body was nike nfl jerseys for women hard , animal husbandry , and what will be born ? " Shiyan sneered . "I understand ." Diya Lan also look fierce, " few people want them to die ! " " After the body figure , animal husbandry , and I also add a Dufen ' Star Ray' explosion , there should be stained Dufen the nike nfl jerseys cheap china blade , as long as someone flesh is scratched , it will die ! " Shiyan look cool, Road : "Come on, we want to live only to live, we are able to uncle revenge ! ! " "I hope Hu Long can be fine ." Mu language butterfly eyes confused murmur . Shi Yan Yi Tan mind , he knew Hu dragon is certain death, but good words relieved and said: . " Do not worry, we arranged a trap , maybe you can hit them, we should have the opportunity and Hu Long Goodbye " " Really? " MU language butterfly powerless muttered asked, she vaguely knows this is simply not realistic , but still hope someone can give her a definite answer , even deception. nike nfl jerseys wholesale " Ah , he 'll be fine ." Shiyan nodded affirmatively , immediately on Diya Lan indicate a moment .
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