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Shiyan can understand her feelings . On the charism big six , with Wuhun Warrior reap advantages in combat , there is a large exhibition prospects for Warrior Wuhun valuable than anything it should not wholesale nike jerseys Warrior , dream want to have weapons soul . For these ancestors once owned like Diya Lan Wuhun , but the offspring did not inherit the family tribe , it has not been Wuhun heritage, it is a shame ! This situation can even lead to a once-great family slowly to decline ! Wuhun both for a family , or for everyone , is extremely important. " In the end is how the matter? " Mu butterfly Daileng language for a long time , wholesale nike jerseys wholesale of the state of Diya Lan into a crazy , but look to the Shiyan . " Uh ...... " Shiyan smile, "This is hard to explain , and my body in that strange immortality drug related , I do not know what that is immortality, anyway, that the drug does have weird is it, do not be so Look at me, I really do not know . " " Smelly little , thank you, thank you ! " Diya Lan hands of flame disappeared, she suddenly hugged Shiyan , Shiyan, if you want to squeeze in his own body , excitement Jiaoqu been trembling. Her proud breasts , squeezed in Shiyan chest deformation , so Shiyan Anshuang , gradually there has been a physiological response . Diya Lan wholesale nike jerseys from china immediately , blushing loosened rock, Meimou spring and moving, full mouth smile , whispered curse: . " You guys really that is not honest ." "Hey ." Shiyan hollow laugh loudly , do not answer . MU language butterfly angrily staring two , cried: " ? , I still do, you two do not always give me the play staged hot leak * good point ." "Dead girl, I was so happy ." Diya Lan scoff wholesale nike jerseys free shipping " In the end is how is it ? " Mu language butterfly worried to death . "I do not know ." Diya Lan shook his head , eyes lighted always never fade in , smiled and said: . " Because of his friends."
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